About Us

We, Art Gallery 36, are the family with deep passion in diverse paintings. We have paintings by national artists and well-known artists, fortune and sacred paintings, scenery as well as contemporary paintings and a lot more, for sale. You will find the paintings we offered valuable and meaningful with their own storytelling. Even anyone new to the art world will find them refreshing and heart warming.

We love to share the experiences and exchange the stories with all art-lovers in hope to expand our art-loving family. All are welcome to our collection of selected paintings at Art Gallery 36 on 30 Soi Sukhumvit 36 in Bangkok. You can visit us on Monday through Saturday during 10.00-18.00 hr. or by appointment as well.Your interest in arts is appreciated by our family.


Prayat Pongdam

Admired as Thai National Artist in Fine Art 1999.

Visoot Charoenporn

Lung Yai (Uncle Yai) is the nick name of this unusually talented painter, columnist and musician.

Prasong Luemuang

This talented artist has produced series of works acceptable inside and outside Thailand.

The Meaning of the Sacred Painting