Prasong Luemuang

If asked to name any artists who are natives of the northern part of Thailand, Ajarn Prasong Luemuang is sure to be one of those to first come in mind. This talented artist has produced series of works acceptable inside and outside Thailand. His works are on display in a number of contemporary art museums not only in Thailand, but across the world. His style reflects the smooth combination of Thai and Western arts, and yet keeps the local cultural uniqueness intact.

There is more. He is one of the few who believes in giving back to the society. His private art museum in Lampoon province was built to allow people to come and appreciate art through his works.

Education :
- B.F.A.(Thai Art) Silpakorn University, Bangkok
Solo Exhibition :
1988 - Tai Haripunchai, Bangkok
1989 - From Soil and Water, Rivercity, Bangkok
1990 - Moonlight in Tide, Goethe Institute, Bangkok
1991 - Writing from Village, British Council, Bangkok

Selected Exhibitions :
2008 - Bare, Number 1 Gallery, Bangkok
Awards :
- The 1st Prize, Gold Medal Award, Bualuang Art Exhibition, Bangkok
- The 2nd Prize, Silver Medal Award, The National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok
- Grand Prix, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Bangkok
- Honourable Mention Prize, The Art Exhibition by Petroleum Authority of Thailand, Bangkok

Credit :

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