Visoot Charoenporn

          Among the many successful artists in Thailand, Visoot Charoenporn is considered a treasure. Lung Yai (Uncle Yai) is the nick name of this unusually talented painter, columnist and musician. His intimate relationship with nature has inspired him to create landscape paintings of remote countryside reflecting the truth of nature and his astounding emotion and spirit. He was also a columnist for Thai Rath, one of the oldest and best-selling newspapers in Thailand. His column was called: "What Is Art.".

          Ajarn Visoot Charoenporn, a multi-talented artist, is a Silpakorn University alumnus. Above all, he was a student under Professor Silpa Bhirasri, who was considered the Father of Thai contemporary arts. Apart from being a well-known sculptor of Buddha images, Visoot is a standout painter in his own right as well. His works are recognized locally and internationally.

- First solo exhibition: Landscape paintings December 1996

The exhibition was presented at the end of 1996 at the Northern export promotion center, All 120 landscape paintings were sold out before the exhibition took place. A foreign visitor noted in the guestbook that the exhibition was great but no pictures were left for him to appreciate and possess. There were over 3000 visitors which is a big event for the small city of Chiang Mai. Many people have more than one of Visoot's paintings. Everyone said that they love his paintings because he can keep the beauty of Chiang Mai in all impressive aspects and his brushing skill on canvas is remarkable.

- Second solo exhibition in May 2003: This time nude paintings

The visitors to this exhibition were astonished because nude-paintings exhibitions were difficult to create in Thailand. The more than 100 nude paintings overwhelmed people. Thousands of visitors entered and stepped out of the exhibition with smiling faces and different emotions. They came into the exhibition hall with shyness and came out with satisfaction. This sensation is the main creative concept of this painter. Many visitors came back to see the exhibition again and again.

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