Professor Chalerm Nakiraks

          Prof. Chalerm Nakiraks was born on 21th September, 1917, at Trakarnpuetpol District in Ubonrachatanee Province. His Father was named Daeng, a clerk, and his mother was named Kum, a farmer. He has been interested in drawing and painting since he was young.

          Mostly his achievements were in applied traditional and Thai culture such as oil-paintings and water-color painting. His oil painting were complemented by Prof. Silpa Bhirasri. His achievements extended all around the world. His most importand achievement was the oil-paintings of many Kings and their families.

          Traditional Art has two dimensions : line and flat color. International Art has three dimension : line, Color and shadow. His suggestion was if you want to develop your work you should be stable in two dimensions. Line is for delicate action and expressions on face and flat color is for environment

Reward and Honour

-   Painting Award in Constitution Celebration.

-   Painting Award from Ministry of Culture.

-   Had two audiences with the King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1963 and Admired as National Artist in Visual Arts (Painting) in 1988.

-   Earn Ph.D. in Visual Arts from Srinakarintharaviroj University in 1990.

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